Macarons de Boulay

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Macarons de Boulay

Boulay: a must-eat macaron during your stay in our hotel

Macarons de Boulay: Divine

Established in 1894 and emblematic of Lorraine gastronomy, Maison Alexandre, a listed Living Heritage Company, is the only place that makes Boulay macarons. Soft on the inside, cracked and crisp on the outside, Maison Alexandre jealously safeguards the recipe created by Benoît Lazard in 1854. Made using carefully selected and carefully measured ingredients, this almond treat is a treasure that is to be enjoyed with abandon. 

Found at: The Pastry Shop is just a few minutes drive from the ACE Hotel Creutzwald Saint-Avold.

Macarons de Boulays
13 rue de Saint-Avold
57220 Boulay-Moselle