Saint-Avold brewery

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Saint-Avold brewery

A brewery to discover during your stay at the hotel

Saint-Avold brewery: passionate about beer

Located in Lachambre, the philosophy behind the Saint-Avold brewery has, since its foundation in 2016, above all, been based on the use of locally sourced products in order to support the region’s brewing and agricultural traditions. Jean Aimé Rugiero, the founder, lives by the motto: “The good and the beautiful, living together happily”. An amateur brewers’ paradise, the brewery is the place to discover Lorraine’s handcrafted beers: white beers, lagers, amber beers, ales, tripels, Christmas beers, with or without a hint of pepper: over twenty types of beer stand centre stage. 

Found at: The Saint-Avold brewery is just a few minutes drive from our ACE Hotel Creutzwald Saint-Avold.

Brasserie St Avold
2 chemin des romains
57730 Lachambre